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Angular Development Services

Angular is one of the frameworks we are frequently using for front-end development on our customer projects. Need an expert team to work on your projects?

AngularJS Development Services

The list of AngularJS development services we are ready to deliver includes but not limited to:

Front-end development has been one of the key branches of OCTOBIT8. We have been developing complex custom web solutions utilizing various technologies including AngularJS framework for our clients across the globe.

  • Front-end development

  • Dynamic web app development

  • SPA development

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Outstaffing services

Our Focus

OCTOBIT8 front-end team has been creating custom web apps for the past several years starting from small-scale projects upto enterprise level business apps. Among them are logistics and procurement management systems, ERP solutions for the energy sector, banking and finance apps and many more.

ERP Solutions

While utilizing AngularJS framework OCTOBIT8 team can create outstanding ERP solutions for energy and utilities sector.

Logistics and Transportation Apps

OCTOBIT8 provides AngularJS development services for logistics and transportation companies creating high-quality solutions of any size and complexity.

Procurement Systems

Our team is capable of building procurement systems that help to automate the processes and manage them effectively

Gambling and Betting apps

OCTOBIT8 AngularJS developers create betting platforms that allow making bets online as well as provide information on the past , current and future sports events.

Pros of Using Angular

There are many strong sides of Angular, which makes it one of the greatest frameworks for building custom web apps:

  • It is open-source with an active community of 600+ contributors on GitHub, which constantly drives the Angular development forward.

  • This JS framework provides tons of out-of-the-box features with no need for fancy installation.

  • AngularJS app development ensures great performance across platforms due to its mobile-first approach.

  • Hierarchical Dependency Injection greatly improves performance.

  • It can serve as an exclusively client-side framework, which makes it easy-to-use in any project without any significant changes to a back-end.

  • It was built with both unit and functional testing in mind, which speeds up the web development.

How to start working with us?

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