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OCTOBIT8 is an IT outsourcing and custom software development company that helps businesses of all sizes accelerate their product development and deliver to the market faster than competitors. With the right partner and the right technologies including .NET, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++ and many more, you can embrace the future with confidence.

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How to start working with us?

Industry Experience

We never stop innovating and develop custom software with industry input, backed by years of real-world experience. Our competence has found recognition among customers across the globe. Since 2000 we've been developing customized solutions for various IT companies, e-commerce businesses, logistics enterprises, education institutions and healthcare organizations


Banking & Finance







Why Choose Octobit8?


Qualified IT Specialists

We employ highly skilled, data-driven software engineers, offering custom software application development to our clients depending on their needs and requirements. We guarantee to deliver the project on time and within the customer budget based on the approved requirements.


Cost Reduction

Our hourly rates are much lower than they are in Western Europe and the US. Also, outsourcing software development services offered by OCTOBIT8 eliminate extra expenses on infrastructure, office, salary, and training.

Geographical Location

Quality and Security


Being located in the northern part of India, OCTOBIT8 is very well connected by roadways, railways and airways. It takes just a few hours to get to Octobit8 any Indian city.


OCTOBIT8 has been certified according to the ISO 9001-2015 quality management and ISO/IEC 27001-2013 information security management standards. All custom software app development projects we accomplish meet the guidelines of this standards.


Build Maven Project

Build maven application with customized settings and connect with us for complete implementation.

Run Code Analysis

Check the quality of your code by running code coverage

Create AKS Cluster - Terraform

Provision infrastructure on Azure using Terraform 

Microservices based Mobile App

Connect with us for developing microservices based mobile applications

Deploy Using Helm

Manage kubernetes resources using Helm

Automate with Ansible

Automate and manage your infrastructure using CM tools like Ansible on-premises or on any cloud platform

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contact@octobit8.com  |  Tel: +91-9923706784

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