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Octobit8 is an IT services and consultation company. We provide solutions in Cloud Computing, DevOps, Data Science, Big Data, Chatbot development, Automation, Web development, BI and Data visualization and Mobile App development.
We provide custom software development and IT outsourcing services across multiple technologies including .NET, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++ and many more. With the right partner and the right technologies, you can embrace the future with confidence.

Our Services

In today's fast-moving environment, you need to make sure you can adapt to the changes. We help companies cut down their software development and related costs and speed-up their software products’ entry to the market.


Get your CI/CD pipeline done here. We offer secure CI/CD solutions for various categories of applications on various on-premises and cloud platforms. 

Cloud Solutions 


We provide solutions as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS on different cloud platforms. Build, deploy, migrate your applications and infrastructure on different cloud platforms.

Data Science and Analytics 


From data acquisition, cleaning, analytics, data modeling to model deployment , we offer a complete business solutions using your data.

Web App Development 


We offer a wide range of web solutions using code based technologies as well as low code platforms to deliver exquisitely robust web solutions to our clients.

BI and Data Visualization


Get all informative dashboards for your business using Power BI, tableau, QlickView and make intelligent decisions.


Need mobile application for your business, E-Commerce, online trading, mobile games, education, healthcare, live updates etc? Contact us and we will deliver you amazing applications. 

Computer Class

Learning Centre

Octobit8 Learning Centre is an online learning platform which has been designed for real time environment learning experience. A candidate can enroll for available online courses and continue learning on our online LMS platform. We offer job positions in our organization to candidates performing good in these training programs.

Trending Courses


A comprehensive training program hosted on our LMS which can be accessed on your phone as well. Each devOps tools has been covered in detail accompanying with multiple assignments and workshop.

Data Science with Python 

Become a pro data scientist by enrolling into this well structured training course hosted on our LMS. Learn data ingestion, statistics, ML, data analytics, data modelling, data pipeline etc all in one place.

AWS Solution Architect

Design and architect scalable, secure and high performance web, mobile and other applications on AWS cloud platform. Learn and practice AWS services in details with multiple hands on assignments and real time scenarios. 

Azure DevOps

Learn to build high demand ci/cd pipeline on Azure cloud. Become master in Azure DevOps and find great opportunities in this promising culture of software development. 

BI and Data Visualization

Build custom dashboards using Power BI and Tableau and help your business partner take great decisions . Learn creating different types of dashboards that includes maps, charts, bars etc.  

Azure Solution Architect

Provide cost optimized, secure and scalable design and architecture for web applications, mobile applications and other software solutions to your business. Learn Azure services and integrate them for deploying applications.  

Industries We Serve

We never stop innovating and develop custom software with industry input, backed by years of real-world experience. Our custom software development competence has found recognition among customers across the globe. We've been developing customized solutions for various IT companies, e-commerce businesses, logistics enterprises, education institutions and healthcare organizations.


Our e-commerce solutions are on-the-go and ready to bring benefits to the end-users and much value to your business through the increased ROI and overall productivity. We provide e-commerce custom software development services for any kind of business across various industries: enterprises, B2B trading networks, B2C marketplaces, small and middle-sized businesses.


Our healthcare software solutions are aimed at accelerating innovations and digitizing processes in hospitals, multi-location clinics, rural medical centers, blood processing organizations, individual doctor’s offices, and medical technology companies. Custom healthcare software development services at Octobit8 cover everything from consulting to maintenance and support of the delivered solutions.


Logistics development services provided by Octobit8 are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and include the creation of customized, business-oriented solutions. We help our clients in saving time, money and making their business processes highly effective.

Banking and Finance

Banking software services at Octobit8 are aimed at delivering custom-tailored applications, as well as improving existing ones. We always make sure that any software solution created for our clients meets the highest standards in terms of requested custom features, UX/UI design, and security. 


We are focused on making the education process interesting, interactive, convenient, and cost-effective.We understand the unique needs of schools, foundations, and businesses who are looking for innovative EdTech, whether it is learning management solutions, higher education software solution or personalized e-learning system.

Real Estate

We provide solutions as mobile applications, software, web application to manage your real estate business. Services for real estate at octobit8 are well designed, cost effective, meets the highest standards in terms of requested custom features and parameters.

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