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Application Modernization with DevOps and Cloud

Octobit8 helps you to move your applications to the cloud and develop new apps quickly, transforming the way you connect, collaborate and stay ahead of the competition. Move confidently to cloud and save money, time and resources with devops approach. Outsource your project or hire a professional DevOps or Cloud team from us.

  • Infrastructure provisioning

  • Migrate applications to azure

  • Secure application with azure security services

  • Deploy applications using azure container services

  • Implement Azure pipelines

  • Build and run apps on aws

  • Migrate applications from on-prem to AWS

  • Codepipeline for ci/cd

  • Highly available and secure infrastructure on AWS

  • Manage identities on AWS cross accounts

  • Containerize and run microservices on GKE

  • Use the same infrastructure of Google products

  • Highly advanced and secure infrastructure

  • Cost efficient massive storage services

  • Run Big data pipelines quickly

  • Highly preferred CI/CD tool by early stage startups 

  • Easily integrates with major cloud platforms

  • Most efficient for large scale projects

  • Run scripted and declarative pipelines

  • Highly rich plugin for any kind of automation

  • Run applications without infrastructure overhead

  • Clean environment for every ci/cd job

  • Simplify configurations using executors

  • Scale build infrastructure using kubernetes executor

  • Fully working OS in a virtualized manner

  • Track security reports and vulnerabilities

  • Containerize applications directly with GitHub Actions

  • Actions to simplify package management

  • Fast distribution and dependency resolutions

  • Self-hosted and on-cloud runners for workflows


Software Development with DevOps approach

Our team leverages a wide range of software development technologies to deliver cutting edge, easy-customizable, robust solutions tailored to customer business needs. With devops approach, we help you build and deploy your applications quickly in the market and keeps you leader in the competitors market.


How to start working with us?

Staff Augmentation and Resource Outsourcing

Business Team

Our IT staff augmentation company services are available for every type of project, no matter how simple or complex your project is: from prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile or web apps, testing, and systems management.

Expert Professionals

Project Managers and SCRUM Masters

System/Business Analysts

Software Developers and QA Engineers

UI/UX Designers

DevOps Specialists

Computer Class

DevOps and Cloud Training

Octobit8 provides self-paced learning modules on DevOps and Cloud technologies. These training modules are designed in a complete professional way. Trainee candidates needs to work on assignments and scenarios taken from our development projects. 

Trending Courses

DevOps Master Course


Price : 30k INR

( EMIs Available )

Azure DevOps Training


Price : 15k INR

( EMIs Available )

AWS Master Course 


Price : 30k INR

( EMIs Available )


Automation Company, Texas, USA

Octobit8 provides a visual, composable, programmable layer to DevOps. A person or a team would find Octobit8 essential to iterate and discover the best solution.

Publishing Company, New Jersey USA

By using the option available within the GCP platform the solution is easily expandable to encompass future growth and needs in the future.

SaaS Company, Israel

I have worked with the Octobit8 team and they always listen and understand our requests and questions and come up with prompt and thorough solutions. I look forward to working with them because not only are they knowledgeable, but they are also very personable and friendly.

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185, Khushhal Nagar, Varanasi, UP  |  Tel: +91-8810783050

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