UI/UX Development Services

Need UI/UX services to enhance the user behavior of your app? OCTOBIT8 offers best-in-class solutions to ensure the high quality user experience of a future application.


UI/UX Services

OCTOBIT8 with its experience in creating applications with notable design and structure provides UI/UX design & development services for our customers as a part of the full cycle development process.

Here are the main UX/UI development services we provide:

  • UI Concept Creation

  • UX Design Services

  • Web User Interface development

  • Mobile app UI development

  • UI/UX for cross-platform apps

  • Desktop app UI design and development

UI/UX Development Services

OCTOBIT8 professional engineers have accumulated enormous knowledge and skills while developing web application solutions. Our solutions facilitate the management of company’s processes, workflows, and documentation as our deep expertise is based on multiple developed ERP and CRM systems for enterprises and startups.

UX Design Services

Creating the application's roadmap and organizing the information so that it can be easily and seamlessly found by the users.

UI Concept Creation

Relying on the latest design trends and the market analysis results, we create a unique UI design for the future product (color schemes , layouts, typography etc.)

Web User Interface Development 

OCTOBIT8 has a rich portfolio of web applications with strong UX/UI design that helps to retain users and provides the best possible user experience within a browser.

Mobile App UI Development 

Utilizing mobile user interface development tools, our team delivers outstanding UX/UI design services for both Android and iOS mobile applications.

UX/UI Development Services for Cross-platform Apps

Creating UX/UI design for a cross-platform application, we ensure the unity of visual style across all the platforms.

Desktop App UI Design and Development

We create responsive desktop applications that seamlessly perform on any operating system and in any environment.

User Interface Technology and Tools


Our UI/UX Design & Development Process

Understanding the needs

Our BA team digs into your business goals and needs to come up with the list of requirements for the future product.

Market research and analysis

We conduct research in order to analyze the target audience behavior, make user profiling to understand how to meet the users’ needs.​

Information Architecture

Creating a structure of the application and organizing the content so that it can be fast and easily found by those who are looking for it.​

Wireframe and prototype

A wireframe is an outline showing the appearance of the future app (structure, content placing, pages functionality). A prototype demonstrates the product flow and the way it will work.​

Visual Design

Creating the overall visual style of the application covering color schemes, elements, fonts, etc.


Transferring all the design materials to the development team for further implementation.

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