Each customer is unique for us. Thus we do our best to provide the best pricing option for each project based on our engagement experience.

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Hire a dedicated team

We Offer:

Fast team ramp up process
Staff Augmentation within 1 month
Developers onboarding

Team Management

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Outsource your software project

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UI/UX design
Web, desktop, mobile development

QA and testing
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How to hire a dedicated team?

We offer a set of different engagement models for our customers to choose from. For long-term partnership we recommend to hire a dedicated team of software developers and guarantee knowledge retention and IP security, quick team scalability and smooth communication process.

What is the difference between Outsourcing and Outstaffing?

Although both models have much in common they should not be mixed up, as they are applied in different situations and pursue various goals. We’ve compared these models for you, so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.


  • Vendor is responsible for code

  • Slight Management efforts

  • No hiring efforts

  • Sufficient cost savings

When to Use?

If the company needs a tech solution but is not technology-focused, or it is a start up, outsourcing model can be a good choice. Ideal for small or one-time projects when project requirements, specifications and schedules are clearly defined and the development process strictly follows the time and cost estimates.


  • Client is responsible for code quality

  • Client has full control over development

  • Flexible hiring model with access to all team members

  • Significant cost savings

When to Use?

If you already have a team of properly managed IT developers but you need extra hands for some project, then outstaffing model will suit you best. Best for large or continuous projects where the resources and time can’t be estimated upfront.

How to Outsource Software Development?

We implement an individual approach to each customer as the project scope and requirements may vary. Some clients turn to us with a brief project description, while others – with comprehensive information on the project (documentation, design, mockups, wireframes). No matter what requirements you have, we are always ready to help you. Learn how to start working with us:

1. Requirements Analysis

We thoroughly review your requirements and business objectives and select the right outsourcing model. We create a strategic roadmap that will serve as the foundation for the software development project.

2. SLA Preparation

Before we start working on your project, we need to evaluate project complexity and define all the work to be done. The software development team takes the compiled goals and requirements and creates a set of deliverables and deadlines.

3. Delivery and Reporting

Software developers start writing code and building the most important first. We test your software and ensure that it works as intended, is free of bugs, and that sensitive data is protected from cyber threats. We report back on the progress at each stage of your project development.

4. Post release support

Once the development process is complete we create a strategy for successfully deploying and maintaining the software. This strategy ensures that unidentified bugs and errors are fixed once user reports the problem to developers. In addition, we add features and improve the product based on collected user feedback.