Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

OCTOBIT8 has a credited history of providing full-cycle IT services to clients in the healthcare industry. Acting as a healthcare software development company, we deliver solutions that work as precise and accurate as surgeons do.

Healthcare App Development Services

We offer the following healthcare development services:

Our healthcare software solutions are aimed at accelerating innovations and digitizing processes in hospitals, multi-location clinics, rural medical centers, blood processing organizations, individual doctor’s offices, and medical technology companies. Custom healthcare software development services at OCTOBIT8 cover everything from consulting to maintenance and support of the delivered solutions.

  • Custom medical solutions development

  • IoT healthcare application development

  • Web and mobile medical software development

  • Business Intelligence Software for Healthcare

  • Mobile Healthcare Applications

  • Enterprise Software Systems in Healthcare

Healthcare Application Development

Healthcare Web App Development

At OCTOBIT8, we create web applications responding to today’s toughest healthcare problems. Taking advantage of the latest coding languages, our technical experts deliver web applications that build our clients’ value for current and potential patients, as well as enhance the workflow and facilitate management processes.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Our expertise covers both iOS and Android healthcare application development. Healthcare mobile development at OCTOBIT8 includes creating a variety of apps, starting from those that allow our clients simply enjoying the convenience of having a smartphone working for their health to AR/VR mobile apps providing an opportunity to polish surgical skills and educate interns.

Our Healthcare IT Solutions

While the names of our clients and developed software are protected by strong NDAs, here are some examples of solutions we’ve delivered to healthcare and medical organizations.

BI Solutions for Data Analysis

Having a vast Big Data expertise, we develop healthcare IT solutions for medical data analysis that can be used for predictive analytics and quick diagnosis, finance management and as a tool for medical researches.

Healthcare Solutions for Doctors

Healthcare workplace solution we deliver are aimed at automating daily routine and enabling care coordination for nurses and doctors. Our goal is to digitize medical information, so clinical pictures of patients become quickly and easily accessible for doctors. Solutions we develop works both on desktop and mobiles.

Healthcare Solutions for Patients

Knowing about the importance of patient-doctor connection, we develop healthcare IT solutions aimed at managing patient data throughput and improving their experience, reducing operational waste and complementing electronic medical records. Healthcare software solutions we deliver allow patients to schedule appointments as well as to track and share health, lab results and medications.  

Medication and Supply Management Solutions

OCTOBIT8 delivers medication and supply management solutions aimed at streamlining and automating medication and supply processes. Our software allows healthcare organizations to prevent medication errors, reduce inventory waste and improve safety.

AR/VR healthcare IT Solutions

Our augmented reality app development for healthcare includes integrating 3D imaging with AR/VR devices to help healthcare organizations in treating patients, ensuring advanced diagnostics, educating patients and interns and mastering skills in the most innovative way.

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