Custom E-Commerce Development Services

We provide custom e-commerce development services and have massive experience in building complex and reliable solutions, highly-scalable B2C/B2B e-commerce portals based on top-rated both commercial and open-source platforms.

E-commerce Development Services

We offer our customers the following types of services:

Our e-commerce solutions are on-the-go and ready to bring benefits to the end-users and much value to your business through the increased ROI and overall productivity. We provide custom e-commerce development services for any kind of business across various industries: enterprises, B2B trading networks, B2C marketplaces, small and middle-sized businesses.

  • Custom E-commerce web development

  • Web portal development

  • M-Commerce development

  • UI/UX Services

  • Progressive web apps

  • Blockchain development

Technology Stack For E-Commerce Solutions

Our development team uses the latest tools and technologies to build high-quality engaging web interfaces that emphasize usability, security, performance, and stability as well as ensure delightful shopping experience.


E-commerce Software & Solutions Development

Whether our customers want to redesign or refactor their existing e-commerce solution or build a brand new one we are here to support and tailor highly-functional, interactive and secure software to meet the requirements of the modern e-commerce world. We provide e-commerce shopping cart development, online marketplace development, pwa development, payment gateway integration, development of PIM systems, order management systems (OMS), point of sale systems (POS), marketing apps, and others. Working with the Hybris system we broaden traditional omnichannel solution functions providing access to online and offline order history, the creation of trade accounts and individual price lists, data sheets download, the performance of single checkout processes, combining ‘click and collect’ with delivery options.

E-Commerce Marketplace Solutions

OCTOBIT8 team has a successful track record in developing easy-customizable software solutions that allow customers to manage and support e-commerce marketplaces including Product Information Management, Online Product Catalog Management, Procurement Management, Invoice Process Automation , etc.

Delivery Service Solutions

OCTOBIT8 team is skilled in developing delivery service solutions that ensure efficient management for the customer and easy use for a client. These solutions can be integrated with Google Services, local payment systems, and mail services.

Solr-based Algorithms for Search platforms

Our development team has experience in creating searching platforms based both on Apache Solr. These solutions improve search speed, implement different filtering, make the platforms compatible with mobile devices and ensure proper data migration 

Enterprise E-Commerce Solutions

We also develop enterprise e-commerce solutions that facilitate the routine task workflow. They can be easily integrated with different systems like Oracle, SAP, Magento, Salesforce etc.

B2B/B2C/C2C E-Commerce Solution

WE have experience in creating e-commerce websites and portals for selling various goods and services as well as in integrating with different payment processing systems.

Product Information Management System

Our team can help with the development of PIM software to manage data for a variety of brands and products much easier, standardizing the content for multi channel marketing and boosting marketing team productivity.

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